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Insert sucker rod pumps RHAM

Насос штанговый вставной RHAMInsert sucker rod pumps consist of a precision metal plunger and thick-walled cylinder with an upper mechanical capture standard API (American Petroleum Institute) and technology companies - Axelson, Inc.

The pumps have the following characteristics:

Ø27 mm(20-106RHAM)

Ø32 mm (20-125 RHAM)

Ø38 mm (25-150 RHAM)

Ø44 mm (25-175 RHAM)

Ø57 mm (25-225 RHAM)

Plunger stroke nominal 3500 mm, or any up to 5000 mm
The length of the cylinder 4300 mm and more up to 6000 mm
The length of the plunger 1200 mm
Pressure 2200 m
Cylinder thick-walled, chrome plated and nitrided
Plunger metal coating
Connection identical for the couplings of type MSH thread rods
The length of the pump plunger stroke 3500 mm 6000-6100 mm
Weight (plunger stroke 3500 mm) 45-60 kg

The pump is equipped with two extensions of 600 mm;


At customer's request for an extra pay, pumps are supplied with:

  • Locking supports as a standard API and standard OST 26-16-06-86;
  • A safety valve from falling solids inside  pump when the pump stops;
  • Lower filter to protect pump from large (Ø> 3 mm) mechanical particles, accidentally hit the hole.

Download the complete catalog of pumps in *.pdf format