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Well filter

Скважинный фильтрIt is intended to equip wells with easily destroyed sand collector and the presence of mechanical impurities in extracted production. The design layout can reduce stress removal of pipe sections and the accident rate by preventing sticking, removed sections of the filter. Design and technology protected by patents.

Diameter of production casing, mm 146; 168
Diameter slotted membrane filter section, mm 73; 89; 114
Length of the filter section, mm 1690
Downhole slit membrane filter section not less, % 7
Ratio of length to the length of slit membrane filter section, not less 0,75
The nominal dimensions of the slit membrane filter section, mm 0,2; 0,3; 0,5; 0,7; 1,0
Outer diameter of the packer, mm 118; 140
The outer diameter of the device by section removal, mm 89; 102