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Special Subsurface Pump for viscous oil NGTP-2

Глубинный насос для высоковязкой нефти НГТП-2Special Subsurface Pump for viscous oil is designed to operate well, complicated sands and influence of associated gas and can produce oil viscosity - 5.10 - 4m2 / s (500sSt) containing 3% solids and not more than 100 m3/m3 gas factor.

The pump can operate at high temperatures - up to 150 ° C. The pump consists of a short cylinder, made in the form of a sealing device, an elongated plunger (3) with pressure valves (4), the node receiving the valve with a larger bore (5), rigidly fixed to the pipe extender (2). In the cylinder of the elastic elements has two packages (1), separated by a separation chamber with openings (6) for discharge of oil in underground repair. At pump intake is mounted gas anchor (7). The new design of the pump cylinder and foot valve significantly reduced the amount of clearance space at the pump - up to 10 times.

Pumps with a diameter of plunger 32, 38, 47, 57, 70 and 86 mm are designed for the forced selection of reservoir fluid in a wide range of viscosity characteristics and sand content, provide an environmentally friendly renovation of wells, with no oil spill.


Characteristics of pumped liquids
Water cutting up to 99%
Temperature up to 393К (120°С)
Mechanical impurities up to 5 g/l
Dynamic viscosity up to 5 Pas (5000 sPz)
Salinity of water up to 60 g/l
Free gas 10% by volume
Hydrogen sulfide up to 50 mg/l
рН = 3-8