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Heat-resistant steam armature ATPK-65-16-350

Арматура термостойкая паровая АТПК-65-16-350It is included in the complex heat-resistant equipment for the use of technology in oil production by thermal stimulation. It was designed for tying the mouth of the steam injection and producing wells with production casing nominal diameter of 168 mm. Armature provides sealing the wellhead and steam process control.

The composition of armature is

  • Casing head
  • T-branch
  • Adapter
  • Gate valve through-flow
  • Manometer
Working environment steam, hot water, steam and gas, oil
Maximum working pressure P, MPa 16
Maximum temperature, K (° C) 618(345)
Nominal bore Dy, mm 65
Diameter Dy, mm 114


The advantages of this valve

  • Applied a special direct-flow valves with sliding shutters and double seal of his own design.
  • The basis of the valve is a unique design saddles. Saddle creates an effective seal in both directions.
  • Implemented the most advanced design seals the spindle.
  • Ease of operation and low torque of the drive wheel slide gate.