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Instrument of selective well completion

ИСЗСInstrument of selective well completion is the latest equipment for high-quality multi-layer injection for wells with complicated conditions. And it is effective for preparation of seams and efficient operation of the well.

The main advantage of injection wells through instrument of selective well completion is the possibility of isolating each of the layers from contact with cement mortar during cementing and the possibility of insulation layers of the mutual flows. Isolation of the productive layers of water that is achieved by setting at each producing formation above and below the two bulk packers, equipped with pass passageways for movement of cement mortar by the reservoir. It is important that the layers during the cementing is not subjected to pressure cementing.

Instrument of selective well completion is equipped with slide valves for giving or covered space of the production casing from the formation. When you install the spool valve near the top or bottom tankers packers, with a set of tools, down to the tubing, the possibility of clean-up operation of the surface layer of mud and the processing of the surface of the reservoir by various chemical reagents. Such capabilities allow us to obtain oil even from such formations, which are the usual well giving nothing.

Instrumentation of each of the layers in the borehole allows be implemented without clogging, overflows, drilling and punching testing, processing, extraction or overlapping individually for each layer, and, if necessary, the individual sections of thick layers, separated by tankers packers.

Ability to control slide valves without removing the tubing allows perform after the opening and closing of the spools, the alternate injection into different layers, such as water to maintain reservoir pressure, with possible savings in the construction of a second injection well.

Possibility of extending the set of processing methods is that allow using instrument to perform quality approach to oil and gas from different formations of nature in one well.

This instrument can be equipped with slide valves with a screened pipe. Application of such equipment in sands of wells allows us to obtain all the benefits of control sand in the open hole with the help of natural and artificial gravel packings.

Instrument of selective well completion in its composition may contain:

  • Modules of the upper and lower tanker packers
  • Modules of the upper and lower slide valves
  • Modules spacers sections
  • Management Module slide valves


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