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Pumps for oil production

1. Sucker Rod Pumps

Mean time to failure SRP production of "Kubanneftemash" surpasses the average in the market. Operation of sucker-rod pumps proved that life of the friction pair of cylinder-plunger reaches 500 days, and in some cases even more. SRP can be produced with chrome-plated and nitrided cylinders.

2. Special Subsurface Pump

Special Subsurface Pump for viscous oil NGTP-2

Plant engineers developed and successfully put into operation in the fields of major oil companies cuff sucker rod pumps, intended for operation of oil wells, complicated by sands and influence of gas and allows you to extract the oil viscosity - 5.10 - 4m2 / s

Wellhead equipment

  1. AUSH
  2. AUE
  3. Heat-resistant steam armature ATPK-65-16-350
  4. Wellhead oil seal SUSH 73-22

Instrument of selective well completion

Instrument of selective well completion

It is the latest equipment for high-quality multi-layer injection in complicated conditions. And it is effective for preparation of seams and efficient operation of the well.

Innovative design has no competing analogues in Russia.

Downhole Equipment

  1. Gas anchor
  2. Gas-sand anchor
  3. Valve cutter
  4. Well filter
  5. Sectional device removal
  6. Mechanical packer PZFM — 140, 146
  7. Lug valve
  8. Weight rod
  9. Coupler
  10. Complexes of packers devices PMEK for wells with ECP (electric centrifugal pumps), ESP (electric screw pumps), SRP (sucker rod pumps)

Spare parts for pumps ANT-90, ANT-150

Hydraulic unit and spare parts