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Tube sucker rod pumps THM

Насос штанговый трубный THM

Tube sucker rod pumps high precision with a metal plunger and thick-walled cylinders are equipped with a mechanical latching support on standard API (American Petroleum Institute) and manufactured by technology companies - Axelson, Inc.

Pump type of TSRP is recommended for wells with pumping hardship. Cylinder pump is equipped with two pipes with extension cords and installed as part of the tubing. The chance of a plunger outward from each end of the cylinder leads to a uniform wear of the cylinder and minimize contact with the sand in the gap between the plunger and the cylinder.

Pumps of different TSRP has maximum ratio of the inner diameter of the cylinder to the tubing, that allows it to pump more fluid than the insert sucker rod pumps, which can descend into the tubing of the same diameter.

Disadvantages pump type TSRP are the cylinder is a continuation of tubing, then to replace it must raise the whole column. Pumps are available with a through diameter 44 and 57 mm and stroke lengths from 3500 to 5000 mm.


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