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Hydraulic unit and spare parts

The enterprise CJSC Kubanneftemash since 2005 successfully carried out maintenance of pumps ANT-150 ANT-90 on SredneHulymskom and Sandibinskom fields RITEK-NGDU RITEKNadymneft. Since that time company produced spare parts for maintenance of pump units ANT. Due to the large number of exits expensive original hydroblocks pumps ANT-150 and the impossibility of carrying out the refurbishment it was decided to develop and implement its own design of the hydraulic unit.

The first prototype of the hydraulic unit in quantities of 1 pc. was manufactured in 2006. and sent to the RITEK-NGDU RITEKNadymneft for full-scale testing. This design has proven its nameplate characteristics of operating time, having worked over 2500 hours.

A feature of this design is a sectional assembly building consisting of 3 sections.

The advantages of this design of the hydraulic unit are:

  • by section replace the failed section instead of the block as a whole;
  • minimal complexity of change due to the small weight of the section;
  • economic efficiency;
  • maintainability;
  • installation, without improvements in the layout of a full-time pumping unit;
  • lower price in comparison with analogues.

Based on the positive results of a prototype of we decided to to manufacture and supply of an experimental batch hydroblocks in the amount of 4 pcs.

In 2007, these hydraulic unit were installed on different bushes of RPM system SredneHulymskogo field RITEK-NGDU RITEKNadymneft. Mean time between failures hydroblocks was at least 4,300 hours, almost continuous cycle of pumping units.

According to the results of hydroblocks based on every shift the accounting records of pumping units, defective statements and acts of failure of individual sections of the hydraulic unit, the recommendations of the JSC RITEK-NGDU RITEKNadymneft, as well as taking into account the difficult operating conditions, specification are:

  • internal pressure of the medium up to 21 MPa;
  • pressure pulses from 250 to 300 cycles per minute;
  • contamination of mineral origin exceeding 0,7 mm and in a liquid medium in mass more than 5%, which leads to excessive salinity sites of contact with the body of the hydraulic fluid;
  • low winter ambient temperature

CJSC Kubanneftemash has developed "grafleksovye" ring, serving to seal between the section of the hydraulic unit and the collector, which combine the reliability of connection, longevity and durability. As a result, their use has significantly decreased the time of installation work on alignment of sections of the hydraulic and decreased complexity of repair.


1 - Valve, 2 - Plunger Seal, 3 - Unit 4 - The Collector, 5 - frontal cover 6 - Ring 97-105 7 - Plate 8 - Bush Push, 9 - Cover, 10 - pin M27, 11 - Ring PHF-T-B-21-171-07-150h130h8 (grafleks) 12 - Ring of 098-105-46, 13 - Nut M27-7N.10.45, 14 - pin M27, 15 - Ring 105h113 16 - Ring 100x108.

In 2008. RITEK-NGDU RITEKNadymneft has signed a contract with CJSC Kubanneftemash on the production and delivery of small-scale batch hydroblocks in the amount of 18 units.

The hydraulic unit fitted in place of the failed original hydroblocks pumping units of AST-150 and successfully operated.

At the present time CJSC Kubanneftemash continues to work on improving the design of hydroblocks ANT-150 and spare parts in order to increase service life, increase overhaul cycles, as well as expanding the range of manufactured parts to repair pumping units ANT-150 ANT-90.