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Gas-sand anchor

Gaz-sand Газопесочный якорьanchor designed for effective separation of associated gas and solids in the pumping well operation. The anchor provides an effective job with the gas factor of 200-250 m3/m3 and quantity of sand to 30 g / l produced fluid. The anchor is set up directly under the pump. The lower end of the anchor must be attached 2-3 pipe tubing plugged lower end to the accumulation of separated solids. In the operation of the anchor is maintenance free.

Maximum outer diameter, mm 114
Maximum outer diameter, mm 40
The diameter of production casing, Dy 140, 168
Weight, kg 280
The maximum production rate at one section, m3/day 15
Gas factor, m3/m3 200
The maximum content of solids, g/l 30
The minimum size of mechanical particles, held the anchor, mm 0,05
Mean time to failure, h 25000