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Wellhead oil seal SUSH 73-22

Сальник устьевой СУСШ 73-22Wellhead oil seal SUSH 73-22 is designed to seal the wellhead polished rod wells operated by sucker rod pumps.

Distinctive features of this design are the use of the wellhead seal rubber cuffs with increased resource availability developments of a spherical joint and valve protection that allows:

  • to compensate for misalignment of the wellhead and the suspension rod gland within the circular coordinates ±45 mm;
  • to prevent accidental discharge from a well in the case of stem breakage.


Coupling thread GOST 633-80, mm 73
The diameter of the wellhead rod, mm 22
Dimensions, mm 205х150х630
The highest pressure (at a fixed rod and tighten the seal cuff), MPa 14
Operating pressure (for rolling stock), MPa 4
Compensation of misalignment wellhead and stock within the circular coordinate, mm ±45
Weight, kg 35